You were meant to THRIVE not Survive

We hear a lot about detoxing these days. Health and wellness are trendy words but I’m not about to write on the latest detox. I’m passionate about holistic health and wellness because I was tired of being tired in a lot of ways. Just a couple years ago I was in ministry, I did not take care of myself, I was probably a little malnourished and a lot burned out. Yet no one took the time to sit me down and say you’re valuable enough to to be taken care of too.

Jesus said, “The greatest commandment is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul, mind and strength AND love your neighbor as YOURSELF.” If we never understand that we have needs and how we can healthily get those needs met, we live in a state of survival or mere existence.

This is about seeing yourself as the imago Dei–the image of God. When we realize that we bear the image of an almighty triune God, it should change the way we view ourselves AND those around us. We were made for more than just survival or constantly giving to everyone’s needs but neglecting our own. Because you were created in His image you have value. Period. You’re worth taking care–body, soul and spirit–of because you  are the beloved.

Let’s talk practical implications of this. Don’t you feel the physical effects of stress on your soul when you’re burned out emotionally? Aren’t you more susceptible to sickness at these times because your whole being is exhausted? Wouldn’t it make sense that we should use more care and intentionality in how we live our physical lives because it affects us spiritually too?

I don’t believe that this life was meant to be as complicated as we make it sometimes. We sometimes get lost and can’t see the forest for the trees between all the trendy new things to do and gadgets that help us manage ourselves better.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  If I could just slow down for a minute and hear him, maybe I’d see that he’s not trying to trick me or it’s for everyone but me. Maybe I’d see I was made for more than just survival and basic coping skills or working my whole life just to retire. No, thanks. If holistic wellness means asking myself what my body and soul need, then maybe I could live a life not just for me but see those around me live thriving lives too. Because when I’m balanced in who I am mind, body and spirit I can effectively do whatever it is God’s created me to do.

Author: laurapsallee

Wife. Mom. Jesus Follower.

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